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May 26, 2017

A Letter to Najwa Mazlan

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious and the Most Merciful. Salam to all readers :)

I'm writing this to myself. For the current Najwa and for future Najwa.

I hope you would never forget on what I am going to tell you.

No matter what will happen, do remember that there are reasons on why they happen. You might think that some certain things are better if they had not happened, but it had. You might be sad and down due to it. Or your heart may get crushed and broken by it. 
But do truly think and bear in your mind, that there are reasons why they happened. Allah wants to talk to you the most. Find the Hikmah in everything. 

Some of your plans might fail in the middle part of it. 
But maybe it is for the best. Just never stopped in trying to plan for the better you. 
Every time you want to plan on something, Do ask yourself on why do you decided to plan them? To please yourself? To please everyone else? or to please Allah?
Never forget that the reason that you live in this world is to please the Ultimate Him. Never forget this one piece of advice.:')

Never forget to always pray that your heart, your words, your acts, and your decisions will always be guided by Allah. Because really. Everything from Him is the best and the best only. Because really, no one knows us better from Him. The Al-Khaliq.

It is okay if you could not achieve to everyone's expectations. We had been there together. And we know how expectation always hurt us. And we both know that how much we fear for the expectations.
But it is okay. It is okay. Do not let them get into your mind so much.
You are better than their expectations. We are better. 
The one who we should care a lot is trying to achieve Allah's expectations towards us. 

You might hate your part that you easily care and love about something and someone.
It is the part that you want to get rid so much. As you think that it makes you weak, and look weak. And it is the part that you could never openly discuss on.
But it is okay. Allah loves you for who you are Najwa. 

Do remember this piece of advice. Never put too much hopes on something that is not yours. Never love too much on something that is not yours. Because your heart might get hurt a lot from it.
Always pray that your heart is attached towards Allah the most. Always pray that Allah makes you happy from things that belong to you.

Always put your positive thought towards Allah's plans. Always have faith in Him. Always believe that His plan is for the best for you. 
You might be some kind of lost right now as you don't know what will happen and what lies ahead. 
But do know that Allah had planned everything and it is the best for you. 
You just have to pray that Allah will ease the best for you and have your ultimate faith in Him.

Always pray that you can become someone that is soft like Saidatina Aisyah and someone that is strong like Saidatina Khadijah and Saidatina Maryam.
In whatever things that will come towards you, always think on what and how they will handle the situation. You are not weak as you think you are. 
Always choose to be strong over giving up. 
Always choose to have faith over fears.

Do remember to always put Allah on the top of everything. Always 
renew your heart and your niat or purposes over everything. 

Do remember that everything will turn out just fine. It is just a matter of time. :)


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