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October 31, 2014

The Unexpected Journey

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious and the Most Merciful. Salam to all readers :)

 I know I know that it'd been a long and long time since the last time I updated my blog.
I'm sorry to those yang tanya and pm'ed me about this blog.
Jujur. I never forgot about this blog.
It was just every time I decided that I want to update this, ada saja halangan.
*Alasan je sebenarnya. hahaha. Actually, perangai malas gua tak nak hilang.
Dah sental 50 kali, still tak nak hilang. Sadis.
There are lots and lots of things that happened in my life recently.
And I don't really know how to start and where to start.
Okay. Gimme time nak calm down. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.

This entry might be quite long since it's been a long long time since I updated my blog. Just bear it.

To those yang tanya apa khabar aku. 
Alhamdulillah. I am living well dan semakin sihat. I mean gemok. TT.TT Bila nak kurus entah. Tak sedar sedar yang badan tu dah terlebih gemok. TT.TT

To those yang baca previous entry and a friend of my facebook, maybe you had knew about my UPU.
That something was wrong with my semester 2 's foundation result. And somehow it affect my UPU.

To shorten the story. I didn't get any tawaran from IPTA.
That time, everyone else from my Foundation and my secondary school keeps updating me through their facebook. What they get, where they have to go. *senyum pahit.
At that time, banyak sungguh message yang masuk. Tak kira lah whatsapp ke, Facebook ke.
Semua tanya soalan sama. Wawa dapat mana. Ending up banyak yang kena ignore sebab tak tahu nak reply apa.
I still remember, that that night, I called Ilya and cried to her. 

I was on the verge nak give up everything. I'd never expect me to not getting into any IPTA.
From the early since I finished my foundation in UiTM, I planned to continue my study in Bachelor of Business Administration dekat UiTM sendiri.
Tu pun lepas habis cakap dengan umi and telling her that I was never made for law.
But then, when it happened like that, I have no clue what would happen to me. Masa tu lahh.

That whole week after UPU's result, I called every department of UiTM to figure out my problem. Because before this, I had read an entry from some senior yang lepasan Asasi Law KPTM dekat UiTM, and her case was just like me. Cumanya, tolak bab tersilap pasal result tu je lah.
Tapi ending up, I didn't get the answer that I want  which was why did I didn't get any tawaran.
I applied for rayuan. And I still get the same answer which is no. I even went to UiTM Shah Alam, and no definite answer for me.

After that, Umi cadangkan masuk IPTS. Umi suruh isi semua application untuk IPTS yang available.
That time, I had some uneasiness about IPTS. Because you knew about IPTS kan. 
Their fees are quite expensive. And for the first sem, kena tanggung sendiri.
My umi is a single parent. And I still have my younger siblings 3 orang. Can you imagine it?
But Umi said that I have no other choices unless that I want to wait for March's Admission.
So then I applied for every IPTS yang available. But my main choices was MMU and UNITEN.

To shorten the story again, *Malas nak taip banyak. Hehe
Now I am a student of UNITEN for Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing
And I am quite happy being here. I have bunch of cool friends and kind seniors.

Frankly speaking, I had already fallen in love with Muadzam Shah after 2 weeks living here.
Err, not quite 2 weeks sebenarnya. 
Cumanya sini susah ler nak cari Aiskrim. TT.TT
I am like, I want cornetto Strawberry hoiiii. Tapi seperti biasa. Malas nak keluar pekan.

It was a long long journey to be here. Right now.
Honestly, I'd never expect to be in UNITEN. Previous University of my eldest sister, Kak Ah.

Dulu, masa sebelum minggu orientasi, I was quite sceptical about Muadzam Shah as well as UNITEN.
People kept telling me that Muadzam is really a village and doesn't have anything. And UNITEN is full with bright student.
Honestly, I didn't care about Muadzam Shah being a village and doesn't have wayang, mall, and all. I don't really like that kind of entertainment. Dulu masa duk Shah Alam pun, mana keluar sangat. Kalau pergi tengok wayang pun dengan Kak Ani.
Sejak dulu lagi berhajat nak sambung degree tempat yang jauh dari bandar. Because I really love kampung yang jauhh dari bandar. Senang nak study. 

It was just how well can I adapt in UNITEN. The people. 
What I really worried before was the people. How well can I
But then, after I came here and live here. I am absolutely in love with the people here. They are really kind like betul betul baik.
For example, last week. Lepas habis asasi. I have to get back to Kelantan balik sebab nak urus pasal MARA. So me, Kak Bie, and Mimi. Semua Kelantanese. Berpakat lah, Pergi Terminal Bas sekali. Our bus to Kelantan memang ada malam je. Tengah malam pulak tu. 11.45 malam. TT.TT

Bila sampai terminal tu dalam pukul 9.30, we were quite taken back sebab punyalah sunyi dekat pekan tu. Semua kedai macam dah tutup. Tinggal kedai makan je. Lepas makan, kami pergi lah balik dekat Terminal bas tu. Masa tu, semua macam dah tak ada. Orang orang semua dah get ready nak balik.
But there was a pakcik, mungkin yang jaga terminal tu kot. He waited for us and asked us some question pasal kitorang punya bas. He even ulang alik dari tempat dia ke tempat kitorang just because nak check pasal kitorang.
He even waited for us dekat luar tandas masa aku and kak bie masuk tandas.
That time, I was like. Ya Allah. Baiknya pakcik ni. Sangat baik. Dia tunggu kami sampai lah bas kitorang sampai.

See. That was one of the example why I did fallen in love with Muadzam Shah's people. 

I am maybe a little bit late from my friends yang dapat masuk IPTA. Ya lah. Diorang dah habis cuti mid sem dah pun. But me. Baru nak start belajar and learning to adapt.
At first, I cried a lot. And it affect most of my life. But somehow, I realized that I have lots and lots of friends and family yang tak lepas and never stopped supporting me. Umi, Along, my siblings, Ilya, Shamira, Kiera, Thoriq, Nadiah and others. 
Frankly speaking nak tulis satu satu nama, memang dok habis tulis lahh. But you all know who you are.
Just thank you. Thanks a lot. I owe a lot from all of you. Thanks for giving me strength when I was on the verge on giving up. All of you are one of the reason why I am here. Right now. :)

Maybe right now, I don't really know what Allah is planning for me. 
But I know, up there. Allah is planning something good for me. Something that I'd never expect. I know that Allah knows what is the best for me. Allah knows me the best out of everyone.

To the one yang on the verge nak give up on something sekarang macam aku dulu.
Just think about people around you. What they hoped on you. How much had they pour their efforts on you.
And think again, why did you started this at first. And how far had you go right now.
Ingat. Rainbow always comes after the rain. Just bear it for a little while. 
Walau susah macam mana pun. There is always a solution for every problems.
Keep Telling yourself. La Tahzan. Innallaha Ma'ana. 
Allah is always with you. :)

Till then. Assalamualaikum. 


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