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August 2, 2014

The Nervousness


Hey People. 
Errr. Punya lama tak update sampai tak tahu nak cakap apa.

Entry kali ni mungkin akan bercakap pasal diri aku untuk masa sekarang.
I am rarely will speak about myself sebab kadang-kadang being reserved is exactly what I need.

Yeah. Most of you yang baca blog ni tahu, that I am lepasan asasi.
And now, tengah tunggu keputusan UPU nak masuk degree apa, U mana, yada yada.
And kebetulan, dengar kata, esok adalah tarikh hebahan keputusan kemasukan UPU untuk lepasan STPM/Asasi dan setaraf.

Nervous tak payah cakap. Tiap tiap hari fikir.
Kalau tak dapat, macam mana. Nak belajar dekat mana?

Pasal result asasi, Mine was not bad.
3.0 and above.
Tapi hari tu masa keputusan exam asasi diumumkan, 
I have some hiccup regarding my result.
Baru nak cerita biarpun benda ni dah berlalu 3 bulan. -.-'

Untuk result sem 2, one of my subject was being labelled as YY. Means that UiTM said that I was absent without permission on the day of the exam of that particular subject. 
How could I was absent on that day? I did present on that day, and I did my exam. 

Masa dapat tu, macam orang hilang anak. Call sana sini. 
Last last, I messaged lecturer yang ajar subject tu. And petang tu baru boleh reach orang yang bertanggungjawab pasal urusan result tu. 
And they said they will managed it. 

Tu satu hal. And then, tempoh menunggu nak tahu result yang sebenar,
Punya lah lama. 2 bulan lepas tu baru dapat tahu result yang real. 
Dalam tempoh tu, kalau orang tanya pasal result, memang tak tahu nak cakap apa.
Nak cerita macam complicated. At last, senyum je lah. Kata tak dapat lagi.

Alhamdulillah. I got A for that particular subject. And my pointer for sem 2 is much better than the first sem.
But despite that, I still got worried to sick when thinking about UPU.
Sebabnya, takut pihak UiTM tak update result dalam sistem UPU.
Pernah berlaku benda ni dekat senior. And I'm scared that it will happen to me.
I'm scared that I will get nowhere to study.

I don't know who is in the same boat with me. But, If you know someone who's currently in the same situation as me, give me his or her contact info. At least, I have someone who I could ask anything.
You know. Knowing that you are not alone thing.

To the one who asked me what course did I applied and want to pursue for degree,
No. Its not Law. Since the early, I am not into Law. I'd never thought that I will pursue for law.
I was hesitated sometimes because my Umi wish that I could pursue for law. But no. 
I think that if I would ever get into law degree, at the end of the day, I will change to another course.
Agak susah jugak lah masa nak cakap dekat umi pasal tak nak sambung untuk law. I think that I cried a lot at that time.
Mind that. Cerita lama.

Tomorrow may would be the day of keputusan UPU. And I hope there will be no hiccup for me.
I just hope that UiTM will update my result in UPU and their system is doing great.
But if no, then I will call UiTM again or go to Shah Alam. Kena usaha lah kan.
But again, I hope I would not have to do such thing.


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