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Will update this blog someday.
Because He knows what best for us.

October 18, 2013

A Little of Everything.


I don't know how start this. 
Literally, I had lost my ability to write or mumble after months not posting anything to this blog. -.-
Sumpah kekok nak menaip buat entry.
Honestly. I have a lot of story to mumble. A LOT.
About my first raya as a kind-of new me. My life in UiTM. My everything.
Tapi setiap kali cuba nak update blog, setiap kali tu juga lah tak ada idea. 
Ada juga yang bertanya,
Blog tu nak hidup lagi ke tak? 
Bila nak update?
Nak jawab apa? Sengih je lah. -.-'

Since masuk UiTM ni, I've been going through a lot of things. Emotion. Ups and Downs.
And of course a lot of changes. A big part of me had changed. 
Like I had been kind of introvert. Not that literal introvert.
But then, in UiTM I feel that I have no one. No one to open up to.
I got Depressed easily in Shah Alam.
Enough to story.

Talking about my last Ramadhan and Aidilfitri.
Alhamdulillah. It was my first Aidilfitri and Ramadhan for a kind-of new me. :)
My Ramadhan went well. I had a blast berbuka dengan kawan seKolej.
I Had a blast of celebrating my Ramadhan in Shah Alam. Maybe because this year I see Ramadhan in a different way. :)

I have to stop here. Sudah kekeringan idea. -.-'
And maybe I would stop updating this blog anymore.
Maybe it's not that forever. But it is for sure for a long time.
Maybe I would left this blog just like this.
Or Maybe I would close it.
Too much maybe.

To those who had been with me since this blog had started,
Thanks for everything. :)
To those who wants to contact me, 
I Still Have my Facebook.
Do add me, but before that, do PM me. Sebab kadang-kadang aku ni terlepas pandang.
Yang kenal jadi tak kenal. Penamatnya, tak approve orang. xD

I had gathered a lot of friends by blogging.
Biarpun cara aku menulis macam budak, but then still; ada yang baca. Even banyak blog yang aku follow, aku hanya jadi silent reader, tapi still jugak lah ada yang datang menjenguk. Tehee. You are awesome lah.
I Appreciate that. Thanks friends. :)

And after a long journey,
This little blog had come to its end. 
After this, there will be no more me typing an entry.
There will be no more Smile. Tears. Laugh.

Till then, 
Assalamualaikum and Good Bye. :)

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